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Travel health insurance for Foreigners


Regardless of our occupation and different living scenarios health insurance is mandatory in the current world. Insurance in general guarantees one’s safety and a perfect mind set to move forward in various aspects of life. Traveling is one such activity that can make us stay stress free. Moreover having vacation at least once in a year or 2 years can help us to have a peace of mind by staying away from our routine as it is an altogether different activity. Few people feel even traveling could be risky as it may affect their health when they go to places of extreme weather conditions or unsuitable weather conditions for them, as their health may not support this sudden change. One such insurance is for travellers who come from different countries, for whom this is a great sign of relief and also this helps such travellers to overcome travel related health risks. So travel related health insurance becomes really important to anyone and everyone who take short term or any travel in general. It is a health insurance which is custom made for people who travel overseas. Thus,it ensures both their safety and also promotes tourism.This is not only helpful for travellers,but also plays a vital role in increasing the tourism revenue of one’s country.

Travel insurance comes with a wide range of plans and can be obtained by any person, maximum to an age of 64. This is a short term insurance and the maximum insurance period is 183 days and the minimum period is 8 days. There are different plans for students, tourists, business professionals, scientists etc. of other countries. It is not necessary that only people have to apply for this insurance by themselves. The parent of the students can apply for their children. The plans normally reduce the cost of medicine and pharmaceutical products.It gives Ambulant and residential medical treatment. They ensure Basic dental treatment to the enrolled people. The cover must include the cost of one’s glasses and lenses.Pregnancy as well as treatment of the newborn is also taken into consideration. Needless, to say that they provide accidental insurance, these insurance include transportation to hospital and for travel even to the home country depending on the cases. These plans reduce their burden and help people to get along in the new atmosphere.They have played a vital role in promoting the research work being conducted in their universities and have made them within the reach of desired people. However the plans and the offers are varied from one insurance company to another. Covomo is one website which offers details on travel health insurance for overseas traveller. However, people have to look out for the best plan and should apply for a travel health insurance as per their requirement.

To conclude travel health insurances have given people an opportunity to lead a better life and to follow their dreams.


Why go for a Comprehensive Travel Insurance


Vacation is something that every person will really feel not to miss. However decision on where to travel will be filled with many options as the complete travel and destination has to be a very enjoyable and at the same time a safe and secure one. People, mostly travel to keep themselves relaxed, forget about their routine and work stress and thus spend time with their friends or family, and if they feel insecure during a travel then that defeats its very purpose of doing it. Hence, to have a secure travel, it is really a good idea to have travel insurance.

Most of the regular travel insurances shall cover both theft of baggage or belongings and accidents. At the same time, there is Comprehensive Travel Insurance that comes as a package, having multiple coverage options to cover many risks involved in the entire course of travel. Travel insurance can be planned for a particular travel or for number of years. The insurance ranges from 6 months to years depending on a person’s choice they can go for the span of the insurance. If insurance is done for the travelling, then the travel will be a hassle free and a stress free, so the vacation will really be like a vacation.